A new adventure begins…with a blog

In two weeks, Luke and I are moving from Chicago to Philadelphia. We’ve made amazing friends and shared wonderful times in Chi-town, and are really looking forward to exploring a new city, settling into our new row house apartment, and testing the waters of my academic career through a postdoctoral teaching fellowship.

Stephanie & Luke celebrating at Heritage Prairie Farm

We’ve created this blog for sharing our one-year journey with interested readers. It will be a central space for uploading photos, writing about new places and meaningful experiences, (re)posting interesting articles, contributing book reviews, and asking friends for their thoughts and comments on these pieces.

While we are separating our give-aways from our must-keeps, we’d love to hear any suggestions you might have for places to check out in the Philadelphia/Mid-Atlantic area. Please leave a comment below.

More from the road soon!

9 thoughts on “A new adventure begins…with a blog

  1. The Mid-Atlantic region welcomes you both with open arms! Looking forward to hosting you down in B-More (aka Charm City) some time in the near future. Good luck with the ‘au revoirs’ (never goodbye) and the packing. Lots of exciting and fun times ahead…. Kate, Dom and Brendan xox

  2. While I wish you weren’t leaving, I know you’ll have a wonderful year on the east coast. I’m jealous ofall the crab cakes I know you’ll be enjoying! Hope you’re back at the end of the year. Will keep you posted on our dining adventures!

  3. Today’s the day, and while I’m sad to know you’re leaving, I know you’ll have a wonderful time in Philadelphia. I hope it will lead to great things. I wish you both all the best. XOXOXO, Barb

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