On Being in the Present

With summer drawing to a close, and the first day of school rapidly approaching (Tuesday, September 4th), I can’t help but reflect on what an exciting time we’ve had over the last few months. Highlights from Summer 2012 include:

Toasting my successful dissertation defense at this cabin in the woods:

Photo credit: Luke

Meeting Abigail Washburn after her concert at Millennium Park:

Devouring Luke’s homemade waffles for my birthday:

Visiting family at the lake house in Minnesota:

Going to Pool League to cheer on my husband and his awesome team:

Watching this storm move across the sky at sunset:

Clinking beers with this man:

Photo credit: Luke

Seeing the Blue Angels dive over Chicago:

Photo credit: Luke

Giving Philip Seymour Hoffman a standing ovation in “Death of a Salesman”:

Enjoying Rib Fest with a great group of friends:

Photo credit: Alex E.

Screaming with delight at the Jack White show:

Photo credit: Jo McCaughey

Celebrating every day with Luke:

Luke and I have been making lists of our goals and aspirations for the upcoming (academic) year, both individually and as a couple. My favorite part of moving is always the feeling of a “fresh start” or “re-do” on the parts of my life that seem neglected or unsatisfying.

While looking forward and planning ahead are two of my favorite pastimes, I appreciate the challenge Lisa Sanchez put forth in her recent blog post: “to delight in what the past is teaching me about today and to allow the future, real or imagined, to illuminate possibilities for the present.”*

Here’s to being in the present! Cheers!

*To read the full article, visit: http://bit.ly/NCu3oL

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  1. What about the semi trailer at Bonnaroo and the bear in the Smokies?! ;-) J/K. Good luck jumping back in the scheduled academia. I’m one week in and feeling pretty good so far…wishing you the same!

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