First day of class

Image credit: The School of Rock: Andrew Schwartz

Tuesday was a great first day of class – I stayed calm, got through my “to-do” list without any hiccups or snafus, and even made jokes. For their part, the students were on-time, engaged, and friendly. I realize that the first day is usually glittery in a way that the last day is usually not, but my goal between now and then is to continue engaging my students with challenging, thought-provoking questions about the history of Latin America. Blowing peoples minds with my high voltage rock would be ok, too.

Finally, I really appreciate all the words of encouragement from family and friends yesterday. You guys are awesome.

2 thoughts on “First day of class

  1. ‘Blog’ – such a lowly term for such an entertaining way to keep in touch! Glad you rocked, knew you would!

  2. How great to have another “first day of school”! Glad you have a good group of students, and since you’re teaching an elective class, the students should be much more interested than they would had it been a required course. Looking forward to your continued posts. XOXOX to Owl and Penguin, Barb

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