Lights at Longwood Gardens

After the Mushroom Festival dissolved in the rain we drove a few minutes away to our evening adventure: a Bruce Munro installation at Longwood Gardens. The rain promised to stretch out for the rest of the evening, just steady and wet. One spare umbrella in the trunk with holes starting to appear, we agreed to replace it with a sunny new one and both enjoy a few hours walking the gardens in the rain.

Credit: Stephanie

Beautiful gardens, muted and relatively empty due to the weather but the plants were loving it. Great flowering trees and colorful peppers beneath.

We toured through the art installations, fiber optic light in flowers, orbs, and candles situated in buildings, along lakes, and in the meadows and forests of the gardens. Before dark we were the only people in this beautiful red cedar and douglas fir treehouse:

Candlelight (and Stephanie) – Bruce Munro 2012

And then after a warming cup of chili at the cafe, darkness came and the curious glass and plastic globes took on a magical waving floating nature, like finding yourself in a childhood wonderland or Miyazaki movie.

Snowballs – Bruce Munro 2012

Water Towers (and umbrella) – Bruce Munro 2012

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  1. Your photos came out so much better than mine! I had a really hard time with this exhibit. Of course, I’m not a very good photographer so that’s part of the issue.

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