Hurricane Sandy and “The Language of Men”

While Hurricane Sandy wreaked havoc along the East Coast yesterday, Philadelphia remarkably managed to miss all of the destruction, power outages, flooding, and (for the most part) high winds that all of our neighboring areas experienced.

Luke captured this fantastic screen shot showing the storm moving in a vortex all around us, while we stayed safely inside our little storm-free bubble.

Around 5pm, we even went for a walk – good gusts of wind every once in a while, but mostly it was a chance for us to test our outerwear for Fall/Winter and to be re-energized by the feeling of rain on our faces.

Nice and dry on the inside
Photo credit: Luke

A view of the Delaware River – and no cars – as seen through a protective Ziploc Bag
Photo credit: Luke

We hope all of our friends and family who endured greater difficulties are doing well and getting the help (and power) they need.

While the threat of the storm loomed large, I spent all day yesterday reading “The Language of Men” by Anthony D’Aries. I’ve met Anthony a few times, thanks to our wonderful mutual friend Adrienne, and always leave with memories of great conversations with him and his lovely wife, Vanessa.

Photo credit: Hudson Whitman

This book is a personal and emotional account of growing up, understanding your family, and most importantly, learning how to ask questions of yourself and those you care about. Anyone who has had book conversations with me knows I am a tough critic who is more likely to HATE something and throw it across the room in disgust than to sing its praises. Anthony’s book is so well written, so realistic and relatable, and aches of so much sincerity, that I could not put it down.

A short excerpt:

“Why do you gotta ask this shit?” my brother says across a table of empty wine bottles. We have just finished an expensive dinner for my father’s 60th birthday. I had asked my father if he was satisfied with his life. He shrugged. The question ricocheted off him and landed in front of my mother. She didn’t answer.

You can find more eloquent reviews here and here.

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