Movie Marathon

Luke is traveling for work this week, which means I am spending most nights curled up under a blanket with a bottle of wine, a bowl of popcorn, and a handful of good movies.

The Ghost and Mrs. Muir (1947):

Photo source: Vintage War Bride

Photo source: Vintage War Bride

Rex Harrison and Gene Tierney star in this new-to-me classic film. Every respectable film buff I know loves this movie, so I knew I was sure to follow suit. And true enough, it’s lovely.

Three Coins in a Fountain (1954):

Source: Jackal's Film Corner

Photo Source: Jackal’s Film Corner

This movie is silly, but I still like it. It’s like the girlfriends version of Roman Holiday. I remember watching this in high school and day dreaming about living abroad in a villa with a job that primarily consisted of attending cocktail parties and touring art museums with writers and princes.

White Christmas (1954):

Photo source: Cocktails, 365

Photo source: Cocktails, 365

My great friend Adrienne introduced me to this movie last year, and I’m delighted to add it to my yearly December must-see list. While the all-star cast is great, I’m going to call out Rosemary Clooney…not only is she gorgeous, but her timeless voice sounds better with each listen.

Charade (1963):

Any movie with Audrey Hepburn or Cary Grant is worth watching. Sabrina, Roman Holiday, An Affair to Remember, North by Northwest, Arsenic and Old Lace…I could go on and on. It’s an extra treat to watch both actors on-screen together. She’s witty and beautifully clad in Givenchy, he’s dashing and delivers dry humor better than anyone I’ve seen. Swoon.

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