Sometimes you just need a friend

The semester is rapidly coming to a close, job applications are out and juries are deliberating, and my husband is out of town for work. (finger drumming sounds, finger drumming sounds). I haven’t had the chance to meet many people in Philadelphia yet, and have been craving a good long chat with a friend over drinks. Right on queue, one of my best friends sends me a message that she’s working in DC for a few days. (trumpet sounds, trumpet sounds). I grabbed student papers, a big cup of coffee, and took the train down for an afternoon adventure with Christine.


Philadelphia’s 30th Street Station


Grading on the train

Our plans were loose – leisurely lunch and cocktails with our friend Eric, then wandering through DC’s art museums. One of the best parts about traveling to DC for a few hours is that, with no admission costs for any of the museums, you can easily say hello to your favorite pieces while bypassing exhibits that don’t grab your attention. And if you think of something really important to tell your friend, you can just step outside and laugh.


Christine in the National Portrait Gallery

Although I’ve been to the Portrait Gallery before, it was an entirely different experience to walk through the halls with a fellow artist. Christine is a crazy-talented painter, and hearing her perspective on the pieces made my heart smile.


Happy day in DC

I was also happy to be there to snag this photo of Christine with Super-Obama. I love how her toe points out in classic heroine style.


It was such a nice day – perfect weather, great conversation, art masterpieces, and cocktails. Thanks, CRXB. Sometimes you just need a friend.