Research trip to Dallas

After New Orleans, Luke and I spent two weeks in Dallas while I did archival research in the DeGolyer Library at SMU. We didn’t have a car, which meant we didn’t see much outside of our hotel room other than the campus and In-N-Out Burger (yum).

To compensate for feeling cooped up, we decided to rent a car for the weekend and promptly drove to Austin. Ah, sweet Austin. So much lovely wrapped up in a nice little city.

The Austin Motel was the perfect combination of kitsch and comfort. We were able to park our Chevy Aveo and walk the city, visiting friends for brunch and bars at random, before retreating back each night for our Canasta championship.


Learning to play Canasta


The Jackalope Bar, featuring “Dune”

One definite highlight was dinner and a movie at the Alamo Ritz. Bottomless popcorn, whiskey sours, and pizza made their way to us while we laughed with the crowd at the cult classic, “Noises Off.” This movie never fails to remind me how hilarious John Ritter was, and how surprisingly funny Christopher Reeve could be.

Another was the lightening-fast late night swim we, er Luke, took in the motel’s pool. Turns out 50-degree water is cold, even in Texas.

Austin was the perfect escape, and just the temperature and cultural boost we needed for our second round in Dallas.


Luke in Austin, TX

On the last night of our trip, we ventured south to Lee Harvey’s, a great bar with a great set of stories from previous adventures. The jukebox still houses an awesome collection of tunes.

4 thoughts on “Research trip to Dallas

  1. Just catching up with your recent adventures! Looks like you’ve been doing a fair amount of traveling. Sounds like a lot of fun. Saw this story about possible use of horse meat on a Philly menu and thought of you: Hope this is NOT a restaurant you’ve frequented.

    Hope all is well, and you’re not snowed in. Now that it’s almost March, I thought the worst was over, and we got the largest snowfall of the season last night!

    Ooh — saw “Book of Mormon” which, if you’re a South Park fan, I recommend. It’s like South Park times ten!

    Hoping you’ll be back to Chicago at the end of the term.



    • Thanks Barb! Always nice to hear from you. We are hoping to be back in Chicago for a visit in June, and would love to schedule a group meal while we’re there. Hope you are well!

  2. Lee Harvey’s!

    Please tell me Bacon the stray cat is still resident. Or DJ 900 Foot Jesus? Is he still spinning jazz tunes?

    • I didn’t see Bacon, but I did have the best BLT I’ve eaten in a good long while. I didn’t see MC 900 Foot Jesus, though I searched high and low. And I continued to check behind the shower curtain every time I went to the bathroom, just in case something magical was hiding back there.

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