Blog Inspiration

Hello friends!

We’ve got lots of new blog posts in the works – our first restaurant review, an essay on teaching and adaptability, and a photo journal of our (upcoming) trip to “The Shore” this weekend.

For now, I want to share a smattering of great inspiration from some of my favorite blogs:

Luke and I are really hoping to have a Maine vacation while we’re East Coasters. Reading Joy the Baker’s blog about her recent adventure there makes me even more excited to start planning our trip!

Some of you know that I went through a wild “head tattoo” phase. Right after I quit my job to become a full-time graduate student, I moved to Mexico for a semester and day-dreamed of having Dr. Lakra tattoo my head. While I never got up the courage to shave my hair off and pull the trigger, I have remained an avid fan of his work. His latest creations are these amazing designs for Absolut’s “Mexico” Limited Edition bottles.

Also inspiring in the art world, check out pine cone land art and these incredible mandalas made from old computer bits.

And last but not least, wonderful writing by Ally Turner Kirkpatrick on moving, mushroom jackpots, and transitioning from city life to country life – all the things on my mind lately wrapped up into one lovely essay.

Have a great weekend!

The Mushroom Festival

Kennett Square, Pennsylvania, aka the “Mushroom Capital of the World,” hosts a Mushroom festival each Fall to celebrate local fungi.

According to the festival staff, two Kennett Square florists initiated the first U.S. mushroom cultivation in 1896. Today, Pennsylvania’s mushroom farms produce 65% of the total U.S. mushroom supply. In fact, mushrooms are the #1 vegetable crop in Pennsylvania.

Only a short drive away, Luke and I headed out Saturday morning to enjoy our fill of mushrooms and mushroom-loving folks.

First stop, the Masonic Lodge’s famous Mushroom Soup.

Look at the size of those ‘shrooms!

Next, we toured an exhibit on the process of mushroom cultivation.

At this point, Luke decided to boldly try Mushroom Caramel Ice Cream.

And the verdict, “I think I like it.”

We hoped to take advantage of the festival’s Old Fashioned Carnival, but the rides did not open until evening (boo!), so instead we stopped to watch juggler Josh Horton while enjoying more tasty mushroom snacks (yay!).

Smoky Mushroom Bisque from Half Moon

Mac and Cheese with Mushrooms from Talula’s Table

Although the day began hot and sunny, dark clouds and high winds reached the area by mid afternoon. The threat of thunderstorms sent many people packing, but Luke and I took cover in the the festival-adjacent Flickerwood Wine Tasting Room. We steered clear of the “Margarita Wine Slushies” and opted for full-to-the-brim glasses of Merlot and De Chaunac instead.

Notice everyone in panic mode outside

After a terrible Friday (summed up by simply stating: DMV), it was lovely to relax in rural Kennett Square with my husband, a steady rain, and thousands of mushrooms.