Charleston, SC

After a lovely day at Cypress Gardens, we all headed into the historical section of Charleston for a few days of relaxation. The weather was a bit chilly, but the delicious food and drinks, good company, and pleasant walks kept us all sufficiently warm. Here are a few shots of our family outings:


Luke watching the birds


Group break along the coast


Lovely architecture and palm trees


Greenery becomes architecture


Pineapple fountain


Paul and Suzanne on the ocean-view porch swing


Stephanie on the swing


A southern feast at Hominy Grill: macaroni and cheese, tomatoes and okra, squash casserole, collard greens, cornbread, and an Old Fashioned

It was a quiet getaway filled with happy memories, sea air, and cornbread. Perfect.

Hello from Philadelphia!

Luke and I had a wonderful sendoff from our friends in Chicago over the last few weeks – lots of good food, great conversations, and tearful well-wishes.

Luke’s birthday celebration at Konak

After celebrating Luke’s birthday on Friday night, we hit the road bright and early Saturday morning for our drive to PA. We towed our car so we could ride together, turning our 14’ U-Haul into a tractor trailer-sized rig for the road. We opted to stay on local highways to enjoy the scenery while avoiding toll plazas and angry drivers.

Our rig

We stayed fortified over the long drive with Gigio’s Pizza (our Chicago favorite), Goldfish, and Sour Patch Kids.

Luke enjoying Gigio’s Pizza on the road

Everything about the move went smoothly, from picking up the truck and tow dolly to the movers that helped us load and unload all of our worldly possessions. We donated, sold, and recycled so much of our stuff before we left that we are having a hard time believing that we still have too much stuff. But we do. Our small apartment is definitely going to challenge us to prioritize what we need and what we don’t.

Our neighborhood is even better than we remembered. Great coffee shops, bars, restaurants, hidden parks, grocery stores, and friendly people fill the adjacent streets.

Our apartment is also lovely – three rooms plus the bathroom – once we get it organized, it is going to be just perfect for our year here. Pictures soon! The neighbors are nice, the streets are quiet (especially given that we have at least five hospitals within walking distance), and the air is already starting to smell like Fall. Maybe that last part is wishful thinking, but it’s exactly this kind of contentment and optimism that is surrounding us in our new home.

Now that we are here, we’ll plan to post regularly to the blog. We hope you’ll follow along.