Friends in town

You know it’s going to be a good weekend when friends get off the plane bearing cheese curds and a CD of Jack White’s B-Sides. Adrienne and Derrick flew in from Wisconsin a week ago for a few days visit.

Friday afternoon we headed out to visit some of the history of Philadelphia – the City Tavern, serving beers from recipes that date back to Ben Franklin – of course!

Luke and Derrick at City Tavern

Luke and Derrick at City Tavern

Later in the weekend we visited Independence Hall, a much less pleasant experience than our first visit with an overly excited ranger tour guide. More enjoyable to walk through the parks and trying to guess the age of houses. A walk out to the river; ducking in for a cocktail to escape the rain.


Adrienne stocking up on chocolate at Reading Terminal Market

We stopped at the Head Nut at Reading Terminal Market for staples (more coffee!) and delicious snacks (chocolate covered pomegranates). Visiting our favorite local bar, Tattooed Mom, for Victory Hop Devil and several games of pool.


Luke and Adrienne at Tattooed Mom


Luke and Derrick shooting pool at Tattooed Mom


Stephanie and Adrienne at Tattooed Mom

Plenty of time to catch up, talk of future plans and trips, laughing and listening to music, but never enough time when friends must leave to catch their plane home. Envious of their return to a white winter scene, but thankful for our time spent together here in Philadelphia.

Walking along Addison St

Walking along Addison St

When a friend comes to town

One of the best parts about moving to a new city is having your old friends visit you. This weekend Luke and I were lucky enough to have our first house guest – our good friend Andy. Seeing Philadelphia with fresh eyes, spotlighted by bright sunshine and brought to life with a fall breeze, gently reminded us to appreciate our picturesque neighborhood.

It was also the perfect opportunity to visit a lot of places we’d dog-eared for “some day.”

Dinner at Lemon Hill on Friday night was the perfect spot to settle in for comfort food, delicious cocktails, and long overdue catching up.

We kicked off our Saturday with $2 bloody marys at 12 Steps Down, a great local bar adjacent to the Italian Market.

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After meandering through the Italian Market, sampling cheeses and daydreaming about kitchen equipment we can’t afford, we made our way to Taqueria La Veracruzana for an amazing lunch of chilaquiles, tacos de jalapeƱos rellenos, and burrito al pastor.

Photo credit: Dine Indie

Shopping on South Street is always an adventure, but I can’t believe it took us this long to step into Wooden Shoe Books & Records. I made a beeline for their section on Revolutions in Latin America, and will definitely be back when prepping for my class next semester.

Photo credit: Wooden Shoe Books

After dinner at Karma in Old City, we strolled across town to Rittenhouse Square and back, zigzagging between historical walking tours, frat boys on a scavenger hunt, and girls hobbled by their (too) high heels.

For a nightcap, we went into Tattooed Mom, a nearby two-story bar with pool tables (finally!) and stiff drinks.

Photo credit: Drink Philly

None of us remembered our cameras, but it was almost better that way. It was a lovely weekend of shared new experiences with lots of great conversation and being in the moment.